• RECO 3.26

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Reco 3.26 operates in the security software sector and owns a patent for a highly sophisticated and effective recognition software able to provide technologies and solutions for enterprises and governments around the world.

The company is located in Italy and UK with a cross­disciplinary team which includes IT engineers and several computer vision scientists. Reco 3.26 is the result of a strong partnership between a longstanding software house, a group of entrepreneurs in the IT sector and a permanent research laboratory jointly with the National Research Council.

Meet the team

Board Of Directors



  • bruno

    Bruno Scalpello




    Simone Pratesi

    Chief Executive Officer



    Giorgio Nobile

    Chief Operating Officer



    Vieri Spadoni

    Chief Financial Officer



    Ivan De Masi

    Chief Marketing Officer




Head of Institutional Relations



  • puri

    Gen.(ret) Paolo Puri


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