Public Competitions

Solution for managing participation in online public competitions, using facial biometrics

Solution for managing participation in online public competitions developed by Reco 3.26.

The solution allows to:

  • certify the identity of the participants in the public competition, as a guarantee for the client. This is done by integrating biometric recognition technologies with those of Artificial Intelligence;
  • verify "anomalous" behavior during the session. In the specific case of an exam, the main anomalous behaviors are:
    • Absence of the candidate;
    • Examining, he diverts attention from the screen by turning his head for a time longer than a set parameter (in an alleged attempt to "copy");
    • Presence of several people within the range of the webcam (someone is helping);
    • Presence of a person other than the examiner (someone else performs the task in place of the examiner).

It's possible to customize the solution by integrating the Green Pass verification and validation system


Private companies and Public bodies