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Reco License Plate component combined with Reco Face component enable us to offer a flexible approach to parking control based on the recognition of vehicles and/or the face of a car owner who is entering and leaving a parking facility, in order to reduce ticket fraud or mistakes or even automatically identify pre-paid members and calculate parking fee for non-members and to prevent car theft.


We integrated Reco Plate and Face components into parking environments jointly with CONSERVIZI, which is a leading specialist service provider for parking facility management in Italy. The main target was to:

1. Identify vehicles by their license plates

2. Verify correct match between a driver’s face and a plate number entering and leaving a parking facility


Drivers of enrolled vehicles can proceed with normal parking payment.


Exit:A vehicle stops at the exit, just before the barrier. The sensor identifies its presence and the dedicated cameras verify the number plate and driver’s face, against payment information. The management system validates the correct payment, or entitlement to park without payment, to enable exit. The exit barrier rises, allowing the driver to leave the car parking.


Further applications of Reco Plate component can be:

Airport Parking - Reco Plate unit can be used to capture the number plate and image of the cars in order to reduce ticket fraud or mistakes, or even automatically identify pre-paid members and calculate parking fee for non-members by comparing the exit and entry times. Reco Component can be configured to calculate the parking time or to provide a proof of parking in case of a lost ticket - a typical problem in airport parkings, which have relatively long parking durations.


Access Control - a gate automatically opens for authorized members in a secured area, thus replacing or assisting the security guard. The events are logged in a database and can be used to search the history of events.


Border Control - the car number is registered in the entry or exits to the country and used to monitor border crossings. It can optimize border crossing turnaround time by reducing typical queue.


Stolen cars - A number of Reco Plate units are installed in different locations in city routes and a list of stolen cars is used to alert once one of them crosses an installed waypoint. The 'black list' can be updated in real time and provide immediate alarm to the police force. When a match is found, a police officer is notified about the detected car and the reasons for stopping the car.


Enforcement - A number of Reco Plate units are installed in different locations in city routes and the passing vehicle plate numbers are matched between the points. The average speed and travel time between these points can be calculated and presented in order to monitor municipal traffic loads.


Marketing Tool - the car plates may be used to compile a list of frequent visitors for marketing purposes or to build a traffic profile.

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