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Private Organization


We provided a smart recognition solution to a private organization, in order to detect and prevent unwanted behavior in much faster and more efficient ways by tracking individuals in real time. The solutions we implemented cover different scenarios such as “Identify unauthorized people in private buildings” or “Allow access of authorized individuals or license plates into restricted areas”.


1. Identify unauthorized people in private buildings by tracking multiple faces simultaneously at the entrance.

In this case, the Reco Face component can track and detect multiple faces simultaneously in live video streams and store anonymous information for each appearance. In case a person inside a building is unknown or unauthorized, the security staff is alerted and can track individuals in real time using mobile devices and act immediately.


In order to implement this scenario, the faces detected are compared to a predefined whitelist of employees.


The Biometric Solution that we implemented is an advanced biometric facial recognition system for integration, designed for security applications where the highest levels of security and reliability are demanded.


2. Enhanced access control system

The Reco Face Software component is installed on an access control device (it can be interfaced with almost any standard access control system) positioned at the entrance of a restricted area (eg. a datacenter or offices). Once individual is positioned in front of the door, integrated camera detects the face and triggers multi-factor authentication (MFA). This means that access is granted (by opening a turnstile or electronic door lock), if an n- tier authentication is verified by comparing the detected face against a predefined whitelist associated with the second authentication method (RFID, badge, pin, fingerprint etc.). The system keeps record of all the faces for authorized access and even all of the failed attempts.


3. Detect and identify unauthorized license plates within private parking area

Reco License Plate component identifies vehicles by their license plates using an image-processing technology while the vehicle approaches the entrance gate. The system automatically "reads" the license plate registration number, compares to a predefined whitelist and opens the gate if there is a match.

  • Airport Integration

    Airport Integration

    Airport Integration Date: June 2016    |    Client: Airport of Puglia   The solution implemented at Aeroporti di Puglia” (http://portal.aeroportidipuglia.it) allows
  • Smart City

    Smart City

    Smart City   The main need at University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (Ce.U.B. of the University of Bologna) was to
  • Public Areas

    Public Areas

    Public Areas   Reco Context component detects individuals in live video streams and stores anonymous information for each individual in
  • Accommodation structures

    Accommodation structures

    Accommodation structures   Reco Face module can be configured in order to recognize enrolled guests and verify registered guest information,
  • Parking


    Parking   Reco License Plate component combined with Reco Face component enable us to offer a flexible approach to parking
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