Reco 3.26 is an innovative SME that deals with Artificial Intelligence applied to computer vision. Over the years it has distinguished itself for having created and patented a solution born from the exploration of the field of intelligent recognition (Facial Recognition) which today represents the "state of the art" of the technology used by the Ministry of the Interior - State Police - Central Anti-Crime Directorate and Scientific Police within the "Automatic Image Recognition System" (SARI). RECO technology has been successfully employed in various use cases ranging from access control, Hotellerie, Casino, Aerospace, Fintech up to the world of Industry 4.0 for the automation of visual inspection for quality control and assurance.

RECO solutions are also currently used as tools to fight COVID19 pandemic using proprietary Crowd Detection, People Counting and Social Distancing algorithms that are already used daily in Italian subways in order to prevent the formation of gatherings.

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