Management of accreditation at fairs

Solution for managing accreditation at trade fairs and events.

Reco has developed a solution for managing accreditation at trade fairs and other events. Reco 3.26 uses innovative technologies, which include the integration of computer vision and video analysis techniques, for the management of "accreditation", "hands free access to the fair" and "real-time biometric identification" activities, based on the "face recognition".

In the area of the fair used for accreditation procedures, a 'Welcome Kiosk' is positioned, used by the visitor for the acquisition of consent and the enrollment of their biometric data. Alternatively, the event registration operation can be carried out via web, from Reco platform or via customer's pre-existing portal suitably integrated.
For preferential and quick access to the reserved areas of the fair, a 'Face Kiosk' will be positioned for biometric identification by facial recognition of the visitor.

All Reco 3.26 systems can be easily integrated into the customer's pre-existing infrastructure.
It’s possible to customize the solution by integrating the Green Pass verification and validation system.


Private companies and public and governmental bodies