Reco 3.26 is active in the security software sector and owns a patent for a highly sophisticated and effective recognition software, developing technologies and solution for enterprises and governments around the world. The company is located in London, it has a cross­disciplinary team, which includes IT engineers and several computer vision scientists as result of a strong partnership between longstanding a software house, a major developer in the energy sector and a permanent research laboratory jointly with the National Research Council.

A fact worth a thousand words

"Build and deliver powerful computer vision algorithms, which improve security verification processes, with automated and discrete systems running on any hardware or software platforms clients require."


Reco 3.26 is the leader in the recognition technology domain. It develops and markets applications based on the world-leading research technology, which investigates the use of image recognition technologies such as Face Recognition, license Plate Recognition and Advanced Context Detection.

Integration of our products is extremely easy through ad-hoc architecture able to preserve existing infrastructure.

Face Recognition

Detects and identifies individuals in live video stream, still photograph or sketch, comparing them to a large dataset of images.

Plate Recognition

Automatically identifies the registration number plate (license number) of vehicles from digital pictures or real time video by using image-processing technology while the vehicle approaches Reco Plate waypoint.

Context Recognition

Detect abandoned or removed objects and crowded zones in large outdoor areas. This technology implements tracking-based approaches capable of dealing with hard illumination and occlusion scenarios.

Who it's for

Reco solution can be integrated into airports, jails, stadiums, sports halls, railway stations, universities, parking space and government offices as:

Access control

Trace individuals in private and public buildings by tracking multiple faces simultaneously.

Mobile devices integration

Allow law enforcement agencies to take suspect photos at the scene, using a mobile device and search central databases and instantly receive candidate lists.

Visitors Management

Provide smart solution that recognize enrolled guests and verify registered guest information, identify VIPs or keep intruders out of exclusive hotel areas, alerting hotel staff.

Sport Events Check

Identify individuals banned from sports events.

Passport Check

Verify images (ICAO) collected during the passport check against a predefined watch list.

Smart monitors

Smart monitors can be applied in private or public organizations as a way of verifying employee presence, visitors’ management flow or even integration of facial biometrics in smart cards.

Recognition Engine

Provide different ways of recognition using comparison engines: from still photograph, sketch or live video streams, from various sources to large database of images.

Enhanced Outdoor context

Smart integration (eg. lighting pole) is able to monitor large outdoor context, detecting abandoned or removed objects and crowded zones. The solution can be further integrated with the enhanced automatic number plate recognition.

Case Study

Airport Integration

Trace suspect passengers

Private Organization

Secure area and access control


Detect abandoned or removed object

Railway Station

Detect crowds

Accommodation structures

Services Management


License plates identification

... And More

Reco 3.26 provides a flexible face recognition software, which has been integrated into mobile devices, in order to assist (eg.) law enforcement agents to take suspects’ photos at the scene, using a mobile client for Android device and instantly receive candidate lists under a certain threshold, by searching a central databases. Finding a suspect in a smart manner allows agencies to react timely and effectively.


Use integrated cameras in mobile devices to take suspects’ photos at the scene


Computer vision processes the picture, detects the face fixes the pose, lighting, alignment and rotation normalization. Facial components, such as eyes, nose, mouth and facial outline, are located.

Feature Extraction

The facial landmarks identified such as eyes, nose and mouth are analysed using an advanced algorithm, which generates a feature matrix that allows to distinguish unique faces.



Search for one-to-many matches on a watch list and instantly receive candidate lists under a certain threshold.


A mobile client can alert the control room in case of match, or request further action or even remotely control fixed cameras installed on law enforcement cars.


Our technology can be integrated through a range of dedicated REST API.

Why our product

Awesome Features

Algorithms & Architecture

Proprietary computer vision algorithms and ad-hoc system architecture

Patent Owner

Patent owner for a highly sophisticated and effective recognition software


Permanent joint research laboratory in collaboration with the National Research Council


Portable & plug-and-play solution easy to integrate into other System or Infrastructure

No dedicated hardware

Preserve existing infrastructure


Tested in complex environments with an High Performance rates


Our story in one-shot

  • Since 2000

    As innovation partner

    Longstanding software house and an innovation partner of public administration and governmental agencies, providing competitive IT solutions.

  • 2000-2010

    Focus on R&D activities

    During those years we gained strong experience and maturity exploring the intelligent video surveillance domain and through investment in industrial IT research focussed on systems, which improve the safety of specific areas and environments through image verification.

  • 2010-2013

    The hand shake

    We used and continually optimised state-of-the-art face recognition methods and concentrated development efforts on inventing new techniques, thanks to a strong collaboration with the National Research Council (a department of Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems) through a permanent research laboratory.

  • 2013-2014

    Tecnology maturity

    Innovative recognition solution that comes from private investments achieved technology readiness maturity level (TRL 9) in 2013. A bit later our sophisticated and effective recognition software got a patent. Market introduction process began, improving quality aspects, which ensures reliable production.

  • 2015-2016


    A major energy provider strongly relies on the work that we have done. In 2016 Reco 3.26 Ltd is active in the security software sector. Our collaboration with the National Research Council takes place in a permanent laboratory located in Italy.

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