Reco Wrinklemeter

The solution makes it possible to automatically detect imperfections in sections of fuselage parts composed of carbon fibers.

Due to the uneven distribution of the resin between the layers or due to uneven temperature and / or pressure, imperfections are created on the fiber layers, which have the appearance of a crease.

Such imperfections are called 'wrinkles'.

In this specific context, the visual inspection is carried out with the aid of optical microscopy in order to acquire the photos on which the qualification operators will perform the measurements for assessing the severity of any wrinkles detected.

As part of the structural analysis for the identification of these specific anomalies, Reco has developed a prototype machine vision system, for the detection and measurement of wrinkles, in fuselage sections composed of carbon fibers. Reco WrinkleMeter is a software for processing images acquired by microscope by quality control operators, to identify and measure the information characterizing any wrinkled ply inside the package.

All Reco 3.26 systems can be easily integrated into the customer's pre-existing infrastructure.


Solution applied for the inspection of carbon material in the field of aeronautics / aerostructures