NDI Checks

The solution allows to automatically detect defects with ultrasonic inspection on composite parts.

Any non-visible defects, generated during the manufacturing process and present within the composite material package, can only be detected by non-destructive inspection with the ultrasonic method. The main advantages of the ultrasound method range from the high sensitivity of control to the possibility of identifying the position of the defect.

Defects detectable by ultrasound can be divided into 3 main types: delaminations, inclusions, porosity.

Although ultrasound scans for the detection of defects in the fuselage of aircraft are scanned complex surfaces by means of maps that, joined together using scanning paths, examine 100% of the fuselage. The method used by the scanning system is the pulse-echo technique (or echo-pulse, in reflection): the ultrasonic waves invest the piece to be tested, penetrate it and are reflected and refracted by the surfaces that delimit the component itself. It is precisely the internal reflections (echoes) that are examined and provide information on the presence of any defects in the piece. The inspector in charge of the NDI controls is the person authorized to carry out visual analyzes of the scanned maps in order to identify or not the potential defects and then proceed with the acceptance or rejection of the defective parts.

With a view to building a flexible tool capable of automatically detecting and classifying defects in different production cycles, Reco 3.26 is developing an industrial research project and experimental development of artificial intelligence techniques for improvement and automation. non-destructive and fiber testing during blemishes resulting from ultrasonic testing in carbon fuselage sections. The is to provide NDI inspectors with a tool capable of automatically acquiring potentials without the need for the inspector to analyze all of the scan maps.

All Reco 3.26 systems can be easily integrated into the customer's pre-existing infrastructure


Solution applied in the field of aeronautics / aerostructures