Reco Digital Tailor

The solution allows for automatic and highly reliable measurements of clothing items, with an error consistent with the reference context.

The solution designed by Reco allows for a highly reliable and automatic measurement of a product, with an error of the order of a millimeter, minimum compared to the reference context.

The technology is designed for operators in the industrial and manufacturing production area, in particular in the Textile and Fashion sector for the measurement of clothing and accessories.
In fact, the use of the solution allows to increase the quality of the product, reducing manual operations and times, making the measurement repeatable and certified and increasing the level of customer satisfaction and profits.

This technology can be used:
- in the prototyping phase, to verify that the sample produced complies with the model designed;
- post-production, on a sample of products, to verify that its are compliant with the prototype;
- in e-commerce, to make a comparison between products (eg. the item photographed by the customer and the product in the store).

The system uses, for the automatic measurement of the product and for the standardization of the measurements, Computer Vision and Video Analysis mechanisms combined with neural networks suitably trained and specific to each type of product (for example for the measurement of clothing there is a specific neural network for t-shirts, one for blazers, etc.). The results of the measurements are subsequently used by the system to re-train the same neural networks.
It’s possible to certify the measurement process and the historical archive using tools such as Blockchain.

All Reco 3.26 systems can be easily integrated into the customer's pre-existing infrastructure.


Automatic measurement of clothing items for companies in the textile and fashion sector