Passenger flow management for Italian airports

The Milan-Bergamo and Catania Airports have chosen Reco 3.26 to make the registration and boarding process for passengers, Schengen and extra-Schengen, more modern, quick and safe.

The solutions, based on biometric facial recognition, are used for the automated and seamless management of passenger flows, both arriving and departing.

The FACE2FLY system is already present at Catania Airport and is being installed at Bergamo, Orio al Serio Airport. Passengers can safely complete the Enrollment using the Welcome Kiosk, located at the entrance of the airport. After this operation, the passenger will be able to cross the airport and board at the boarding gate, without having to use a document or travel document again. 

In addition, Reco 3.26 is currently working on the Entry/Exit system (EES), for the management of the Schengen external borders, which will soon be introduced at the Milan – Bergamo, Orio al Serio airport. The Pre-Enrollment system will allow the registration of travelers from third countries, both short-stay visa holders and visa-free travelers, every time they cross an external EU border. The system will record the name of the person, the type of travel document, the biometric data (fingerprints and facial images acquired) and the date and place of entry and exit, in full compliance with fundamental rights and data protection.