Solutions that allow Government Bodies and Companies to be in line with the highest levels of Security by reporting the presence of suspicious subjects inside or outside of places. The Reco Finder / Real Time product is used on the national territory to guarantee public safety, while the other products have been designed to guarantee safety in Airports, Stadiums, Ports, Casinos, Critical Infrastructures. The Secure Authentication and Payments solution allows you to prevent online attacks and fraud.

Face Finder / Real Time

The solution allows to identify, starting from the faces present in a video stream, the presence of attention subjects

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The solution makes it possible to identify the presence of attentive subjects or those with suspicious behavior in the stadium areas

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Solution for automated and seamless management of passenger flow, from airport entry to boarding, using facial biometrics

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Entry/Exit System (EES)

Solution for the automated management of the registration of extra-Shenghen passengers, at airports and ports, using facial biometrics

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Face Capture Totem

Solution for the identification of a subject through facial biometrics, for border control

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Secure Authentication and Payments

Reco offers Fintech and Banking Institutions useful solutions for the prevention of attacks and fraud in order to guarantee high levels of security

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The solution makes it possible to identify the presence of attentive subjects at the entrance or within the locations and protected / sensitive areas

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Critical Infrastructure

The solutions offered by Reco allow you to carry out inspections on structures located in critical areas in safety

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Reco 3.26 offers passengers an innovative and safe solution that accompanies them on the journey of embarkation and disembarkation in the port

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