Reco Easy Access

Solution for the management of company entrances, usable for reserved or controlled areas, also equipped with automatic doors or turnstiles

The Easy Access time and attendance system provides for the installation of a device when accessing an entrance and allows identification by face.

Access Control Solutions

The user - who has previously chosen the access mode with facial recognition - shows the reader the Virtual Badge from their smartphone and then their face. Easy Access reads the information in the Virtual Badge QR Code and compares it with the image acquired in real time, verifying the correspondence immediately and accurately. The personal biometric fingerprint, which allows facial recognition, is contained in the Virtual Badge and is the exclusive property of the user.
All Reco 3.26 systems can be easily integrated into the customer's pre-existing infrastructure

    Easy Access is compatible with all personnel management systems.
    Presences and absences, entry and exit times, permits - and any other customization agreed by the customer - can be used immediately and automatically. Easy to install and use, Easy Access is a practical and functional solution. Easy Access is a quick access system.
    The methods of ascertaining and registering access are as accurate as they are fast, in order to avoid delays and queues at the entrance
    Easy Access protects the health of users.
    To allow identification, the user does not need to come into contact with surfaces. In addition, the software can be integrated to allow access only to users equipped with protective devices (e.g. masks, PPE access to construction sites, etc ...).
    Easy Access respects user privacy.
    The data derived from the biometric fingerprint used for facial recognition are the property of the user and are not registered by the central system, therefore they cannot be used for alternative purposes.
    Easy Access is accurate and timely.
    The double identification - Virtual Badge + facial recognition - allows total security and prevents fraudulent behavior by users. In addition, the user can justify their entry or exit by entering explanatory notes in the system. (e.g. medical examination).

Easy Access leaves the choice to the user. The user can choose to register in the way they prefer, opting for access with a badge, code or facial recognition.

All Reco 3.26 systems can be easily integrated into the customer's pre-existing infrastructure.


Access to restricted areas of private companies / public entities


Teleconsul; Parsec; SIRFIN; BCUBE; Other private companies