Emotion Recognition

The algorithm is albe to automatically classify the emotional state of an individual at a certain moment based on the analysis of the face

Reco 3.26 Emotion Recognition is a software that uses AI algorithms for the recognition of emotions, able to work on any device equipped with an HTML 5 browser, without the need for an app or plug-in.

Reco 3.26 offers an innovative, fast and secure solution for recognizing the user's emotional state: sensitive data is never stored as it is processed in real-time.
The solution is 100% GDPR compliant. No biometric data is saved on the servers. The application is also modular and totally scalable: it runs on local architecture without any infrastructure cost.

What it notes:

  • Presence of up to 6 people in front of the camera
  • Position of the head along the three axes
  • Attention level from zero to 100%
  • Basic emotions (Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise, Neutral)
  • Circumflex model of emotional states based on arousal and valence values
  • Expressions of desire
  • Demographic data (age, gender)
  • Other features +30: Arched eyebrows, Attractiveness, Bags under the eyes, Baldness, Bangs, Beard, Big lips, Big nose, Black hair, Blonde hair, Brown hair, chubby, double chin, earrings, Thick eyebrows, Eyeglasses , Goatee, Gray hair, Hat, Heavy makeup, High cheekbones, Lipstick, Pale skin, Pointed nose, Rosy cheeks, Sideburns, Wavy hair etc.


  1. Monitoring of the maximum level of customer satisfaction when purchasing a product
    • Facial expression detection: instant detection of the emotional state during the shopping experience
    • ADV: user involvement by enriching the in-store or remote experience with multimedia content using 3D & AR Viewer

  2. Customization of advertising campaigns
    • Detection of age and gender of the customer to provide relevant images and products to be displayed on the device
    • Detection of the emotional reaction of the customer viewing the product on the device

  3. Recognition of emotions during a live event (conferences, concerts, talks, other)