Identity Verification

The algorithm is able to identify a person through a 1 to 1 comparison.

To allow biometric recognition it's necessary to acquire the "biometric feature" (face) and from this extract the "biometric model" with a procedure that guarantees the correctness of accreditation in the biometric system (biometric enrollment), the link with the subject who subjects to the enrollment and the quality of the resulting "biometric model".

The biometric verification process is described below:

  1. The system extracts the biometric model from an identity document or a badge or image provided by the person;
  2. The subject declares his identity by lending his face to a camera;
  3. The system performs a compatibility check between the biometric model detected by the camera and the one previously acquired from the photo of the identity document and corresponding to the declared identity.


The main application areas are listed below:

  1. Public and private security management
  2. Access control management
  3. E-commerce
  4. Authentication and online payments"


Private Companies / Public Bodies / State Police and Government