Object Recognition

The algorithm is capable of detect and report in real time the presence or absence of objects within a specific area video surveillance

The algorithm is able to detect and report in real-time the presence of objects within a specific video surveillance area. Similarly, it allows the detection of an object removed from a video surveillance area.

The algorithm can be integrated into a system that allows you to:

  • detect the presence of the object by providing information about its position and size in an automated manner and in real-time;
  • classify the object;
  • send a notification to report the presence/absence of the object;
  • proceed with the necessary follow-up operations.

The solution is plug & play and easily integrates with the pre-existing infrastructure.

In the Public Administration area, the algorithm can be integrated into a system that allows the citizen to take a photo of the abandoned object detected in a specific place and send a report to the platform. The system analyzes all the acquired images offline and classifies the abandoned objects starting from a previously defined priority list. The Reco systems are able to recognize the following abandoned waste, classified into macro-categories: Building materials (Bricks); Abandoned vehicles (car, bicycle, scooter, etc.); Bulky items (shopping cart, sofa, chair, bench, etc.); Household appliances (washing machine, TV, refrigerator, etc.); Bathroom (Faucet, Sink, Toilet, etc.); Tires; Sacks.


  • detect abandoned objects avoiding the risk of accidents;
  • prevent the formation of illegal landfills and fires;
  • detect unattended objects and prevent the risk of theft or vandalism.


  •  Monitoring public/private spaces as a control and security measure
  • Monitoring and control of road sections in the city and highways
  • Workplaces as a prevention and safety measure
  • E-commerce and User Generated Content solutions