Plate Recognition

The algorithm is able to detect the number plates of vehicles in transit in the monitored area in real time

The automatic license plate recognition algorithm (ALPR) is able to identify the number plates of vehicles entering or passing through a video surveillance area.

It can be integrated into a system that allows you to:

  • detect the license plate of a vehicle;
  • authorize access to a reserved area;
  • send a notification in real-time if the detected plate is present in a black list;
  • proceed with the necessary follow-up operations.

The operator of the command and control system can also search for a vehicle starting from the following characteristics: license plate; type (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.); template; color; time range (Date from - Date to; From Hours - To Hours).
The solution is plug & play and easily integrates with the customer's pre-existing infrastructure.


It's possible to manage different scenarios of interest, by monitoring the road sections of the City and Highways. The system is usually used by the Police Forces to detect stolen vehicles or vehicles under administrative detention. The detected plates are compared with those of the vehicles reported.


The system of detection and reading of the plates was successfully used for monitoring and security of the road arteries present in various countries