Reco 3.26 proposes a complete experimentation of the "free to move" process at the airport through data entry and hand free boarding solutions, as an alternative to traditional and resource-intensive manual controls. Using innovative technologies that involve the integration of computer vision and video analysis techniques, in order to implement "biometric verification" and "biometric identification" scenarios based on "face recognition", it is possible to analyze in real time the faces of travelers who they pass through the various security checkpoints (possibly equipped with motorized gates) to the airport boarding gates.

Access control can be carried out by introducing yourself:

  • at the boarding gate (e-gate)
  • at the security check-points located near the Fast track and / or areas reserved for VIP customers
  • to the security check-points for which access is allowed only to authorized personnel.

The FACE2FLY solution developed by Reco allows you to:

  1. Enroll your biometric data at the Welcome Kiosk: the Welcome Kiosk will show the passenger an information in order to acquire their "consent" to the processing of their personal data. In case of acceptance, the kiosk will instruct the passenger to insert, in the appropriate scanner, first their "electronic identity document" and then the "boarding pass" to verify its validity. Subsequently, the kiosk will invite the passenger to lend his face to the webcam to take a photo of him in order to carry out the biometric verification and in view of a subsequent biometric identification to be carried out near the security checkpoint or e-gate.
  2. Carry out the identification, by facial recognition, of the passenger at the Face Kiosk: the task of the Face kiosk is to recognize the passenger by means of the facial biometrics, verify the boarding pass, trace the passage from a certain " check point ”and notify on screen.
  3. Verify the authorization for a specific boarding: the passenger arrived at the "boarding gate", will be invited by the operator at the counter, to lend his face to the "mirror" of a FACE-KIOSK, for identification, by facial recognition, of the passenger. Subsequently, the passenger will scan their boarding pass in order to verify the boarding authorization and trace the passage from the checkpoint.

All Reco 3.26 systems can be easily integrated into the customer's pre-existing infrastructure


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