Solution for the management of web registration to courses, then held in person, using facial biometrics

Reco has developed a solution for managing web registration for courses (ECM), which are then held in person. Reco 3.26 uses innovative technologies that provide for the integration of computer vision and video analysis techniques, for the management of "registration", "hands free access to the course" and "real-time biometric identification" activities, based on "face recognition".

The following are the main applications of the ECM system in 'face-to-face training' area:

    To allow access, there is a user registration phase via web*.
    The system:
    - acquires consent for data processing;
    - acquires the information and the photo from the identity document;
    - requires a selfie type photo;
    - makes the match between the biometric model of the selfie and the one previously acquired;
    - if successful, it returns a pass for access in person.
    For preferential and quick access to the facility where the learner will use the course, he will have to carry out biometric identification using facial recognition. It’s possible to customize the solution by integrating the Green Pass verification and validation system.
    *As an alternative to online registration, enrollment can be done via Welcome Kiosk located at the entrance to the facility where the course will be held.

    The system, throughout the period of use of the service, verifies, through the application of face recognition techniques, that the identity of the learner always coincides with that of the authorized user in the enrollment phase. In addition, it notifies any anomalies to the service provider (eg. Unauthorized person in the enrollment phase)

    The system allows to identify any anomalous behaviors that the learner might have during the course. The definition of abnormal behaviors is established together with the course provider, according to the specific objectives to be achieved. Here are some examples of abnormal behavior:
    - Subject absent;
    - Subject who looks away from the screen for a time longer than a set parameter and who is distracted and bored (low level of attention);
    - Subject who looks away from the screen by turning his head for a time longer than a set parameter (in an alleged attempt to "copy" during an exam);
    - Presence of multiple subjects within the range of the webcam (someone is helping during an exam);
    - Presence of a person other than the person being examined (someone else performs the task during the exam).


Private companies and Public bodies