Face Recognition

The algorithm is capable to recognize a person by comparing the biometric model of the face extracted from a video stream with those present in a watch-list.

Functionality able to analyze in real time the faces of the subjects filmed by the associated camera, comparing them with a database owned by the customer, restricted and predefined, called "watch-list", whose size can be in the hundreds of thousands of subjects. The face recognition node sends an alert to the platform, that is to the command and control system, when a correspondence is found between the biometric model of the face imaged and the biometric model of the watch-list.

The system operator receives the alert generated following the comparison match (for example for an attentive subject who cannot access a place deemed sensitive or forbidden to it).
The biometric recognition baseline allows:

  • the acquisition of the biometric sample
  • the extraction of biometric traits and the generation of the biometric model
  • comparison with a reference whatchlist
  • to send customized notifications


  • real time analysis of subjects in a non-cooperative context
  • offline analysis of faces in previously captured video streams
  • comparison watch-list from any desired source
  • identification of all faces in the scene at the same time
  • face recognition in different poses (even extreme ones)
  • minimum distance between the eyes for the identification of a subject equal to 20 pixels
  • search in less than 50 milliseconds
  • real time alarm


The main application areas are listed below:

  1. Public and private security management
  2. Access control management
  3. E-commerce
  4. Authentication and online payments