The algorithm is able to detect, track and interpret human movements.
The solution, created to analyze textual data and images, finds its main application in the recognition of human behavior through the identification and interpretation of the individual's movements.

The main application areas are listed below:

  • Detection of facial expressions and movements, of one or more subjects, considered anomalous or suspicious
  • Detection of a fast-moving crowd
  • Detection of one or more subjects who enter prohibited areas
  • Detection of one or more subjects attempting a theft
  • Detection of anomalous behaviors during the exam
    During the examination session, the system calculates in real time some parameters of the ICAO standard that allow you to identify abnormal behavior. In the specific case of an exam, the main anomalous behaviors are: absence of the examiner; examining, he diverts attention from the screen by turning his head for a time longer than a set parameter (in an attempt to "copy"); the presence of several people within the range of the webcam (someone is helping); the presence of a person other than the person being examined (someone else performs the task in place of the person being examined). The alerts of each candidate are monitored and the reports are sent to the person in charge of the examination session.
  • Monitoring of the attention level and facial expressions of participants in training courses (face-to-face and remote), video conferences and live events.


  • Public and private security management
  • Training and Exams
  • E-commerce