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  • Secure passengers flow at the airport

    Reco Face module allows hands-free boarding scenarios
  • Secure access at the stadium

    Identify individuals banned from sports events
  • Context Recognition

    Detects abandoned or removed objects and crowded zones in large outdoor areas
  • Parking space integration

    Multi-factor authentication including Face and Plate recognition
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Reco 3.26 is an innovative SME that deals with Artificial Intelligence applied to computer vision. Over the years it has distinguished itself for having created and patented a solution born from the exploration of the field of intelligent recognition (Facial Recognition) which today represents the "state of the art" of the technology used by the Ministry of the Interior - State Police - Central Anti-Crime Directorate and Scientific Police within the "Automatic Image Recognition System" (SARI). RECO technology has been successfully employed in various use cases ranging from access control, Hotellerie, Casino, Aerospace, Fintech up to the world of Industry 4.0 for the automation of visual inspection for quality control and assurance.

RECO solutions are also currently used as tools to fight COVID19 pandemic using proprietary Crowd Detection, People Counting and Social Distancing algorithms that are already used daily in Italian subways in order to prevent the formation of gatherings.

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Agnostic to Camera

Our platform works with any camera, no need for replacement

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Immediately operational and scalable

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GDPR Compatible

Our products are compliant with all GDPR regulations

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Proprietary Neural Networks

Our neural networks are developed from scratch, by PhDs in the field of deep learning

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Fast and Lightweight Algorithm

Our algorithms are lightweight and fast, built to operate in real time and keep you safe

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Designed For CCTV

Our platform is designed for CCTV, we work on any angle camera and in any light condition

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Learning in the Field

While academic research is critical, learning in the field in the most difficult environments is irreplaceable

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  • Who it's for



    Reco solution can be integrated into airports, jails, stadiums, sports halls, railway stations, universities, parking space and government offices as:


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    Access control

    Trace individuals in private and public buildings by tracking multiple faces simultaneously


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    Passport Check

    Verify images collected during the passport check against a predefined watch list

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    Mobile devices integration

    Allow law enforcement agencies, through mobile devices, to take pictures of suspicious people, make a comparison with central databases and instantly receive a list of comparables


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    Visitors Management

    Provide smart solution that recognize enrolled guests and verify registered guest information, identify VIPs or keep intruders out of exclusive hotel areas, alerting hotel staff

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    Recognition Engine

    Provide different ways of recognition using comparison engines: from still photograph, sketch or live video streams, from various sources to large database of images


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    Sport Events Check

    Identify individuals banned from sports events

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    Enhanced Outdoor context

    Smart integration (eg. lighting pole) is able to monitor large outdoor context, detecting abandoned or removed objects and crowded zones. The solution can be further integrated with the enhanced automatic number plate recognition





  • Why our product



    Awesome Features


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    Algorithms & Architecture

    Proprietary computer vision algorithms and ad-hoc system architecture


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    Portable & plug-and-play solution easy to integrate into other System or Infrastructure

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    Patent Owner

    Patent owner for a highly sophisticated and effective recognition software


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    No dedicated hardware

    Preserve existing infrastructure

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    Permanent joint research laboratory in collaboration with top National Research Institutes


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    Tested in complex environments with an High Performance rates

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